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On the edge of the Hind Leys College campus is a very attractive, historic building. This thatched timbered building is called 'Style-twy-chell', which comes from the Anglo-Saxon, meaning 'passage-way under a building'.

This Is Style-Twy-Chell Near Hindleys

The passage-way led to a footpath which went across the Ing Leys (meadows) over to Loughborough. The track was much used by the people of Shepshed a few hundred years ago, now, however, the passage-way only leads to the college. It is a listed building which means that its' historic value is so great, that it cannot be pulled down or altered in any way. Thatch is a light-weight material which gives good protection to buildings whose walls cannot support a very heavy weight. Reed usually makes the best thatch, but here, the thatch is made out of straw. There are very few thatched cottages around today which is surprising as this was once the only kind of roofing available. The window on the ground floor is very long, quite unusual today because in the early 19th century there was a window tax, so people only had long windows if it was compulsory for their work. The only people in Shepshed who needed long windows were frame-work knitters. Whenever you see this style of window locally, it is probably because the building was used in the 1800s as a frame-work knitters' workshop. A blacksmith's shop used to stand next to Style-twy-chell.

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