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Today Shepshed is home to more than 15 000 Inhabitants. It includes facilities such as the co-op supermarket, Glenmore Park, free parking at the Market Place, four Primary Schools, a high school and college.

A Nice Quiet Bike Trail

There are also various shops, newsagents, take-aways and cafes and also a library, which was built in 1971 on the site of a row of terraced cottages. It has been rumoured that the ghost of a former inhabitant, renowned for her interfering nature, once played havoc with the library’s security system. Evidence of Shepshed’s history can still be found today, such as the sign ‘Star Supply Stores, the Money Saving Grocers’ which is situated on an old wall in the Hall Croft. A sheep symbol is used on many plaques because of one of Shepshed’s previous names: Sheepshead. Shepshed is mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086 as Schepeshefde Regis.

Shops worth looking at:

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