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This building was once Charnwood Hall. Now, however, it is a rest home and the current town hall is situated further up Charnwood road. Despite the half-timbering of its upper story, this is not a particularly old building. It was completed somewhere between 1902 and 1906, around 100 years ago.

Shepshed Charnwood Hall

This was a fashionable style in the turn of the last century, and some would say this is more attractive than the concrete and glass boxes that were introduced in the late 20th century. When the timbers are regularly shaped, it is a sign that the building is not that old, if they are warped or at peculiar angles to each other, it is a sign of the building being old.

Charnwood Hall was originally put up to be a liberal Party club and it was opened by the liberal leader Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. Saturday evening concerts were held in the bar upstairs. Soldiers leaving for the Front in the first World War gathered outside the Hall to march to Shepshed railway station. After the liberal club closed, it was used by various businesses. Opposite Charnwood Hall is an old cottage called Wisteria Cottage named after the flowers growing on its front wall.

Charnwood Hall then moved in 1998.

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