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Challottee is a small jitty, which connects Leicester Road to Sullington Road. Sullington Road is said to be named after ‘sol’, the Latin word for the sun. A path ran along what is now Sullington Road to a place of worship of the goddess, Solina, somewhere in Charnwood Forest. If this is true, the path is one of the oldest in Britain.

The building on Challottee is important for more recent historical events. The long windows to the side of the building indicate that it once was a large framework knitting workshop. The workers probably used to live in the cottages further down Challottee.

During the 19th century, framework knitting was the chief industry in Shepshed. Working hours were long and a special lens was used during the evening which projected light onto the knitting. It would have been a noisy place to work with the rattling of the frames.

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